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Name:Master Luka Guillaume Reinhardt
Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:How's my driving???

The Dark Wizard
Known to be a bit of a ‘ladies man’ as well as a less than noble ‘heartbreaker’, Luka Guillaume Reinhardt comes off as a self-centered and selfish prick with a huge chip on his shoulders. He uses his pretty-boy looks to lure in the ladies and uses his crafty mind to wrap others around his nimble fingers. Luka is a pure narcissist who values himself more than anyone else. Although he may seem a little childish and heartless towards others, this is all just an elaborate façade he creates to keep others away from him. Luka isn’t as cold and bitter as he seems. He hides his emotions from others under layers after layers of sarcasm and wit.
Heir to the renowned clan of wizards known as the Crowleys, Luka is a superb sorcerer gifted in the dark arts. He is a powerful in nearly all forms of magic, except for spirit magic that consists of controlling a magical god-like entity. His skills in the dark arts rivals only second to his legendary father’s magic. Unlike his younger brother, Luel, who is talented in creating potions and curses, Luka’s best abilities lie within his own sage-like abilities. He is a leader despite having such a pretentious and self-centered attitude and is very loyal to his brother and friends. Luka is not the kind of man to back down from a brawl and he is more than willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect others.
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