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Character Information

Canon Source: Under The Glass Moon
Canon Format: Manga(Korean Manhwa)
Character's Name: Master Luka Guillaume Reinhardt
Character's Age: 30
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. N/A
What form will your character's NV take? Luka’s NV will be the form of a sleek black imitation of an regular cellular phone capable of recording brief messages along with text messages.

Character's Canon Abilities:
Soul Guardian-
“I summon energy to create a charm…to protect from vengeful harm! Soul Guardian!”

Capable of harnessing the magical energy around him, Luka can creature a powerful force field around himself and others by summoning the might of this spell called “Soul Guardian”. This magical shield acts as a barrier against sorcery and is strong enough to hold up for a good five to ten minutes before needing to be cast again. However, this shield does not protect him against physical attacks and merely acts as a barrier against magic.

“With the force of a hurricane wind…your spell I rescind! ‘Magnum Tilt Trij.” Rebound!!”

Another form of defensive magic that uses the element of wind to form a vacuum of spiritual energy around Luka to deter spells targeted at him back towards the caster. However, the Rebound spell is not always successful and sometimes can be canceled out if the caster attacking Luka has stronger magic.

Lance of Star Fire-
“Star Light, star bright, first star I see tonight…shine on me your blazing might! Lance of Star Fire!”

One of Luka’s more powerful spells that harnesses the blazing powers of the stars above. Capable of breaking through barriers and buildings, this spell is basically a volley of multiple fireballs all forged into one powerful strike in the form of lance. Luka cannot use this attack consecutively so it is ideal for him to make sure he hits his mark the first time around.

Sphere of Shiva

Similar to Lance of Star Fire, the Sphere of Shiva is a powerful ice attack that forged to freeze his enemies whole. Strong enough to cause even the most gifted spell caster trouble; this attack surpasses the Lance of Star Fire simply because it can be cast repeatedly. It’s greatest weakness is of course against fire since it is a ice elemental spell but it is also weak against magical barrier spells

Mephisto’s Magma

A powerful torrent of blazing magic that is capable of blasting through magical shields and enemies alike. Unlike what the name suggests, this is a non-elemental attack that has no rival element that can hinder it’s strength. If Luka casts this spell too often, it can severely weaken his magic aura, or his mana.

Trane Tears-
“Upon hearing my voice, you will appear before me, my watery servant. Reflect the truest hearts, the heart that beast with verity. Trane Tears!”

Utilizing Luka’s cauldron or a makeshift body of water, Luka can see into the past of an individual’s memories by summoning water spirits, to do his bidding. Using the water itself as a link to the past, Luka can literally bring himself and others with him to the past for a limited amount of minutes. If tears are shed during this spell, the image will vanish and the water will return to normal.

Verfarbung Change-
“Different as day and night are we…but as a mirror you shall be. Gaze into my eyes…and assume my guise!”

Channeling into the magic of the spirits around him, Luka writes the words ‘Verfarbung’ with the celestial glow brimming from his fingertips as he casts his magic upon another. With this spell, the magic Luka casts will make that person done the appearance of another. He can make people look like him for a limited amount of time (two hours or so) or make them look like the person they wish to be. The only limits besides the time constraints of this spell are the fact that the user must be looking at the person for the disguise they want.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? N/A

Weapons: The only weapon Luka actually uses in his canon is his magic, so within the game he will still be relying on magic to get him by.

Character History:

Born the eldest son of a prestigious house of sorcerers and witches, Luka Guillaume Reinhardt is one of the most influential Dark-Wizards in the world. Taught how to wield magic at a very young age, Luka’s skills with sorcery surpassed that of his younger brother, Luel and eventually even bested his father’s skills with the Dark Arts. Under the watchful-eye of Master Cromeheart, Luka studied for years under the elder wizard’s care until he finally completed his training years later. It was because of his studious lifestyle that the young Luka didn’t have much of a childhood but living next-door with Madame Batolli and her family proved to be pleasant enough despite the loneliness he had to endure.

While the legacy of the renowned Crowley family that his father, Robin Guillaume Reinhardt Crowley, left behind still remains shrouded in mystery; it was always assumed that Luka would take the reins of this influential house just as his father intended. He managed to surpass his father in more way than one by becoming a virtual spokesperson for wizards throughout the world who felt burden by their unique gift for magic. While some would refer to this wizard as heretic, Luka was also revered as a hero towards those who felt like outcasts within the 21st century world. His flamboyant nature and his somewhat outlandish style struck an ill cord with old greats of the wizardry community but it is because of Luka’s willingness to put himself out there within the public eye that won him fame.

However, the fame and admiration he won turned out to become a curse in the end.

Not too soon after the last World Wizard Awards, suspicion began to rise within the wizardry world about the Reinhardts relations with an elder sorcerer known as Alister Crowley. While Crowley fled into hiding years before about his controversial practice of the Dark Arts, Luka’s good name was tarnished because of the alleged relations with this mysterious sorcerer. Taking his leave from the public eye, Luka opted to spend his days in peace with his modest home in Great Britain. After acting as a teacher and avid practitioner of the Dark Arts for so many years, Luka ‘retired’ from such arts and settled down to enjoy the life he once neglected. However, his peace was soon ruined once a mysterious man by the name of ‘Fuan’ appears to put the Reinhardt Brothers skills to the test.

Point in Canon: Right during Luka’s first battle with the sorcerer, Fuan. [Beginning of Book Two] In an intense battle against the enigmatic enchanter, Luka enters this bout alone to deal with his apprentice’s kidnapper without the aid of Madame Batolli or his brother Luel.

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: N/A

Character Personality:
Known to be a bit of a ‘ladies man’ as well as a less than noble ‘heartbreaker’, Luka Guillaume Reinhardt comes off as a self-centered and selfish prick with a huge chip on his shoulders. He uses his pretty-boy looks to lure in the ladies(& men) and uses his crafty mind to wrap others around his nimble fingers. Luka is a pure narcissist who values himself more than anyone else. Although he may seem a little childish and heartless towards others, this is all just an elaborate façade he creates to keep others away from him. Luka isn’t as cold and bitter as he seems. He hides his emotions from others under layers after layers of sarcasm and wit.

Luka is a very guarded person who seems afraid or rather unwilling to cope with his emotions. His hatred for his father nags at him constantly but he represses this rage by not thinking about his past. Unlike his brother who seems more open and carefree, Luka is a closed individual who would rather scare off others with his bad attitude than to welcome them. He hates people who try to get under his skin and utterly detests the idea of commitment. Luka comes off as a very selfish individual but that too is nothing more a layer of insecurity.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: N/A

Character Plans: Luka is a very guarded person who’ll probably butt heads with more than a few people within Siren’s Pull. While I am sure he’ll get in a few scuffles here and there, I want Luka to eventually get comfortable of showing his more vulnerable side towards other without his wicked sarcasm since getting him to quit smoking is down right impossible.

Appearance/PB: Depicted upon the first issue of the Under the Glass Moon with black hair and golden eyes, Luka is a slightly tanned individual with rather feminine looks. While his attire ranges from classic suits to flamboyant S&M fetish gear, Luka stays true to his dark nature by usually favoring black attire. While it is not said how tall Luka is, I suspect he is probably 5’9 since he is slightly taller than his younger brother by and inch or so, as well as much taller than Madame Batolli who I assume is 5’7 when she is wearing her platform heels.


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